“12 So in the process of her years, as she shall be in a miraculous manner born of one that was barren, so she shall, while yet a virgin, in a way unparalleled, bring forth the Son of the most High God, who shall, be called Jesus, and, according to the signification of his name, be the Savior of all nations.” – The Gospel of the Birth of Mary 2:12

“Several years ago Chuck called to tell me he had cancer… In typical fashion Chuck shaved his head before the chemotherapy began, covered it with glue, sprinkled it with gold glitter, and walked around the house in his underwear, calling himself ‘Chemo-Man.’

“…The chemotherapy destroyed his appetite; he was unable to keep food down; he became so gaunt and emaciated that he was almost unrecognizable even to his children…  But Chuck pulled through, and eventually he completed treatment. Chemo-Man had prevailed.

“A month later… the cancer was back… at levels as high as they had been before treatment. Being a doctor himself, he knew that the return of the cancer this strongly, this quickly, meant that he was going to die. It was a death sentence.

“At 6:30 the next morning, Chuck called again. ‘You won’t believe this,’ he said. Someone in the lab had mistakenly switched his results with those of another patient, who had not yet even been through treatment…

‘I’m going to live,’ my friend said. ‘I’m going to see my kids grow up. I’m going to grow old with my wife. I’m going to live.’

“…Chuck told me he was filled with a gratitude he had never known. He couldn’t stop touching his kids or hugging his wife. Things that had bothered him before faded into utter insignificance… We don’t earn it, can’t control it, can’t take a moment of it for granted. Every tick of the clock is a gift from God.” – The Life You’ve Always Wanted   by   John Ortberg.


Check out this video.

WHAT THE HECK!  I hope everyone understands that it is foolish to say that evolution couldn’t have happened because the bible says so.  1. The bible doesn’t say that. 2. Science does not support a literal six day creation. I think people have a lot of trouble believing in evolution because they think that theory means they were not specially created by God.  But, God made all the conditions for evolution to occur, so we are still made purposefully.  Second, evolution is only biological- Maybe God made your soul special and your body is just a random chance of the biology he established.

But, I think the deeper issue to this video for me is the brainwashing of those young children. It happens every Sunday in churches all across America on more topics than just evolution. We tell kids things like they are 100% true. If a child is told that there is no other thing to believe but that Jesus is the Son of God, where is the faith there? All we ever do with other religions is tell kids about them with tones of disgust, saying “You are stupid if you believe in that.”  If you grew up being told that the president of the United States was a robot, unless you saw him face to face, you probably would never except the fact that he is a living, breathing human.

I’m not saying that I think it is bad to teach children about Jesus, but I do think we shouldn’t teach them how to fight off others who bring opposing views.  The children in the video were being taught what words to say to combat evolutionists.  They know nothing of the science (or lack of) behind their comment, they are just parroting what they have been told. I feel we should encourage open minds in our children.  If they get confused, they should be encouraged to talk about the confussion.

Well, I have vented now. Feel free to comment on this and let me know what you think, even if it is a contrary viewpoint.

“At his initiation, the candidate will in all probability find himself dressed in a way he would probably never have considered before: with one shoe off, a trouser leg and a shirtsleeve rolled up, his left breast exposed, a blindfold over[sic] his head and a rope round his neck.” – The Secrets of the Freemasons

So, I went and saw the Brahms Requiem at UGA yesterday: Awesome. Watch that for about 50 seconds.         I bet you watched more didn’t you?

Yesterday I also went to a gay church. Both of the ministers, one male and one female, were gay and had their partners present and most of the people in the church were gay. We did a walking the stations of the cross service followed by communion.  It was a very weird communion too, because the guy fed me the wafer and I’m not used to that.

I hate Sudoku.  With a burning passion…….

Ok, Condemned 2 is at Gamestop and there is a copy with my name on it. Sadly I don’t have enough money, but the day will come…

According to Sun Tzu in “The Art of War” XII: The Attack by Fire” 15. Unhappy is the fate of one who tries to win his battles and succeed in his attacks without cultivating the spirit of enterprise; for the result is waste of time and general stagnation.

How many times, when we are faced with conflict, do we try to attack the problem in familar ways that have gotten us nowhere. Maybe someone offended you and you yelled at them in the past. How many times do we go right back and yell at them again. It is foolish to expect to win your “battles” without enterprise. We cannot do the same thing over and over again and expect different results each time- this is foolish.

Today’s blog was brought to you by the 7th cervical vertebra, “I’m weird just like the 1st and 2nd Vertabrae!”

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